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Academy Tots (Age 4-5)

This positively reinforced environment helps the students become more aware of themselves as individuals and learn valuable motor skills as they have fun playing with the football. This then becomes the foundation of their personality as...

  • Duration Every week
  • Location Dulwich College
  • Trainer , Amon

IFE Junior Academy (Age 6-10)

IFE Academy is where the foundation of the athlete is being built. Players are warmly encouraged to improve and develop in a FUN but challenging environment. Players learn the important foundation skills of football and use...

  • Duration Every week
  • Location Dulwich College
  • Trainer Panah, Mahier

IFE FC Travel Teams (u8/u9/u10)

IFE FC Travel program is designed for those players that need, want and are ready to make the jump from academy soccer (recreation). IFE FC is part of the ife club structure to prepare players to...

  • Duration Monthly
  • Location Around Korea
  • Trainer Juan, Thinh

IFE Premier Travel Teams (u10/u12/u14/u16/u18)

IFE Premier is an elite club structure for more developed players from age 10 to 18. To become a player on one of the IFE Premier teams, players need to be invited or “try-out”. To become...

  • Duration Everyday
  • Location Dulwich College
  • Trainer Mariano, Alex

IFE International Select Team

There will be international travel team tryouts as well in August for the u8/u10/u14/ u16/u18 age groups. These players will train separately at times in preparation for the international tournament of the season (TBD).

  • Duration Yearly
  • Location International
  • Trainer Mariano, Phil Neiland

IFE Bundang

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IFE Bundang Fall Programs WEEKEND 주말취미반 (만나이4-9years old, DOB 2010-2005년생) Dates 시즌기간 : 30th August to 6th December (Saturdays) U5 class : 2010-2009년생 11:30-12:15 (45m) U7 class : 2008-2007년생 12:30-13:30 (1hour) U9 clas... read more

  • Duration Every saturday
  • Location Dankook University
  • Trainer Thinh, Mariano
  • Difficulty Level

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