Neiland Returns to Seoul to run Pro Winter Soccer Camp

IFE (International Football Education) is happy to announce that Phil Neiland, the founder of IFE, will be returning to Seoul, January 2nd-6th,2017 to direct a special IFE Indoor Soccer Camp @Dulwich College Seoul for players aged 6-18.


Neiland has been in Ireland the past semester studying and coaching for the UEFA (European soccer’s governing body) B License with the Football Association of Ireland. Neiland is currently coaching with; Douglas Hall AFC, who recently won the Keane Cup, Cork Institute of Technology, who were undefeated in their league group to qualify for playoffs in 2017 for the Premier Division and with the CIT Futsal team who hope to compete in the European University Games in 2017. Accompanying Phil at the camp will be his father, Philip Neiland, who has coached for over 25+ years and played in the League of Ireland for 20+ years.

The camp will entail the best practices applied and fine tuned by the Neiland’s in youth soccer development over the years as well as new methods Phil has learned during his time in Ireland. The camp is open for players aged 6-18. Spaces are limited per age group, therefore, IFE are accepting registration on a first come, first serve basis.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the youth of Seoul to get a taste of the best practices in youth soccer development. There are technically two camps in one. One is for the younger players (Age 6-12) to help them build their technical foundations and game awareness to enjoy and compete in the game. Then there is a camp for the older players (age 13-18). Here players will get a feel of professional soccer training and will get a chance to learn about the ins and outs of both the professional and/or university soccer environment in USA and Europe. This is a great chance for any youth players; who enjoy to play soccer, want to play at university while pursuing a degree and/or those who desire a career as a footballer” said Phil Neiland.

IFE has decided to offer the camp at a nominal fee of 125,000KRW. A % of the fee’s will be donated to the IFE friends at PlayOnside (a non-profit social youth soccer program in Maesot, Thailand). For more info about PlayOnside go to .


For any questions email us at or call the IFE hotline 010-2500-7828

cit-futsal-team neiland-douglas-hall-keane-cup-champions

(Neiland with the CIT Futsal team, who won the regional university championships & Douglas Hall AFC, who won the Keane Cup)