IFE Premier Travel Teams (u10/u12/u14/u16/u18)

IFE Premier Travel Teams (u10/u12/u14/u16/u18)
  • Location Dulwich College
  • Duration Everyday
  • Trainer Mariano, Alex

IFE Premier is an elite club structure for more developed players from age 10 to 18. To become a player on one of the IFE Premier teams, players need to be invited or “try-out”. To become a player on one of the IFE Premier teams, players need to be invited or “try-out”.

IFE Premier is a member club of KFA and will play against other KFA membered teams and elite clubs. These players usually train everyday. In understanding that formal education is very important then IFE players will train twice a week but players will be expected to develop and work on their skills in their free time. Regardless, players will be required to commit to the ife program and especially to training twice a week.

This program provides more intensive training that prepares the player for the footballing world.

As these like minded elite members and students of football continue to sharpen their technically ability they need to also become more aware about their
tactical decisions on the field of play and thus become a member of a team.

IFE Premier FC is a grouping players who want to take their game to the next level. These players will have the opportunity to play in local and international games and tournaments. They will test and sharpen their skills and knowledge against and with players of other elite clubs as they prepare for the global stage.

Meet our staffs



My favorite part about coaching is that it allows me to transmit my passion and the knowledge I have of the game.



My favorite part about coaching is watching players develop life values, skills, and passion for the game.