IFE FC Travel Teams (u8/u9/u10)

IFE FC Travel Teams (u8/u9/u10)
  • Location Around Korea
  • Duration Monthly
  • Trainer Juan, Thinh

IFE FC Travel program is designed for those players that need, want and are ready to make the jump from academy soccer (recreation). IFE FC is part of the ife club structure to prepare players to step up to the next level of competitive football and become a member of a team.

Players will train twice a week in a format that has an emphasis on individual development, lots of ball work and small sided games to help develop the skills of top professionals.

Players not only develop greater football skills, they also develop a well-rounded education. The players will work together with their teammates at training to assist in each others development. They will also travel the country together and experience Korean culture and develop very important social and cultural understanding when they compete in local, regional and national tournaments.

IFE FC caters to players aged 8-10.

Players will travel Korea and play in tournaments during the weekends (mostly on Sundays). We will schedule 1-2 tournaments/matches per month.

Meet our staffs


Huynh Cong

My favorite part about coaching is that I have the opportunity to work with so many great people and kids, where I can share the confidence and football passion to. It also brings me joy and makes coaching extremely rewarding.